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Oak Glen Engagement Session – Cassie + James

Jun 25, 2015

It was a hot summer day when Cassie met James at a Panera break in Fullerton, California.
“I thought he was so handsome,” Cassie mentions right before I snap a photo of her. James laughing the background, “yeah, she even got everyone at my work to start playing a Pokemon app on their phones.”
Out of all the things that could have captured James’s eye to Cassie, it was the beginning of a romance when she starting talking about electronic games. So much so that James got Cassie a Pikachu sweater for her birthday, and she loved it! From that point on their love for one another began to grow. From multiple date nights in a given week, to holiday parties, to family affairs. James and Cassie began to be attached at the hip. Everywhere they went they were seen together at some point throughout the day.
It was at a sweet sixteen party that James decided to proposal to Cassie. Cassie had no idea what was going on, her cousin was given a thank you speech to everyone that helped with her birthday. James took the mic next and Cassie thought, “I better think of my speech since I am the only one left up here.” To everyone’s surprise, with over two hundred plus people at the party, James got down on one knee. Everyone in the room was gasping and clapping. Cassie not realizing what was going on, everyone pointed to James. “I automatically start bawling, water works galore,” says Cassie.
Two weeks leading up to her cousins sweet sixteen party, James was planning the proposal and Cassie had no idea what was coming.
This was the beginning to their new chapter.
After meeting them for coffee before their engagement session I got a chance to get to know them more. Between Pokemon and Assasin’s Creed, “we love playing video games together,” Cassie states. I was so thrilled when I got asked to capture their engagement session! They wanted to take photos in Oak Glen because it reminded them of when they were in Colorado. All the greenery, rolling hills and mountains, and apple orchards. James became our personal  taxi service driving up and down Oak Glen to find the perfect spot to take photos.
I was surprise to find that both Cassie and James wore the same burgundy Vans shoes. It was so adorable I had to take a photo of it! Walking through the tall grass we finally found “the spot” tucked away off the side of the road. A huge overhanging Oak tree with tall green grass and the sun setting behind the hills. It was perfect!

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