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Planning a wedding today is much different than how weddings were planned even a decade ago. Pinterest and Instagram have given rise to seasonal trends and over-the-top wedding designs. As you plan your wedding day it’s all about creating a tribe of vendors that will bring the feeling of your wedding day to life. Not […]

Okay, okay, I know it’s not that simple. You want an explanation, and I’ve got four for you in this post—because, full disclosure, I’m a big fan of the first look. And, no, not just as a photographer but as a bride, too. If you’re asking yourself, “What the heck is a first look?”, I […]

“Did she get my gift? She has to see it before our first look, it’s important!” Bennett asked me with urgency. A wrapped gift personalized to Yvette, she sat down, her wedding party and mom peeking out the window. Yvette began to cry. Mom reaching out to give her a tissue and the smile that […]

Already planning on attending Irene’s graduation in Guatemala. Lafayette arrived a day early to have dinner with her parents. “A friend taught me how to ask Irene’s dad in Spanish for his blessing to marry his daughter.” When going out to dinner with the parents, complete silence at the dinner table; the entire restaurant loud […]

When it comes to styling your wedding day we often think of it in terms of a theme, a color palette, or Pinterest board. We are completely forgetting the styling aspect that plays into creating a wedding day that is both aesthetically pleasing but also showcases the couples personality simultaneously. Thus creating a space that […]

The more weddings I photograph the more I get to know all the other vendors that help make a wedding day possible. With over 200+ weddings photographed, I can honestly say I know that working and getting along with other vendors is so important. Today I have the chance to interview Jen with Jen Plus […]

A gasp. Evan’s hands folding over his mouth. Tears beginning to roll down his face. A glance over at JP, “You remembered” Evan spoke in an endearing tone. JP’s hand running down Evan’s back, “Of course I remembered, they are family” JP replied. Photos of all the closest and dearest family members that have passed […]

Strong winds, hair flying in every direction, the dress moving like Marilyn Monroe over the subway vent. “I don’t think this dress is going to work,” mentioned Natalie. Dan and I both looked at each other, then back at Natalie, “you look beautiful,” Dan stated. The rosy cheeks and smile that Natalie gave while looking […]

Standing in the shade under a Palo Verde tree. Eyes closed, deep breaths, and Jeremy tapping his foot in anticipation of Ashley walking up behind him. “This is it babe, we finally made it to our wedding day” Ashley says. As Jeremy turned around to see his beautiful bride he was greeted with a big […]

Before you think, “Ashley, you’re a photographer—of course you’re going to think photography is worth the splurge,” hear me out. This isn’t about convincing you to spend more than you can. Not everyone wants to invest in a professional photographer, but not everyone gets why it’s valuable to invest in a pro. If at the […]

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