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ashley laprade

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Will’s sarcastic big eyed stare with a smirk on his face as he looked at Nikki. Looking down and laughing at the silly ways Will makes Nikki happy. Nikki looks back up at Will and says, “I love you”. Those three words that surpassed ten plus years of being together. The wedding was planned for […]

“Can everyone see us?” Blaire asked as she began the Facebook Live streaming on her phone. Ed clipping the phone onto a tripod stand (as to be hands free of course). An Elvis officiant in the background warming up his voice. A sparkle in her eyes, the smile of reassurance from him, both hands shaking as […]

“Did she get my gift? She has to see it before our first look, it’s important!” Bennett asked me with urgency. A wrapped gift personalized to Yvette, she sat down, her wedding party and mom peeking out the window. Yvette began to cry. Mom reaching out to give her a tissue and the smile that […]

Standing in the shade under a Palo Verde tree. Eyes closed, deep breaths, and Jeremy tapping his foot in anticipation of Ashley walking up behind him. “This is it babe, we finally made it to our wedding day” Ashley says. As Jeremy turned around to see his beautiful bride he was greeted with a big […]

“I wanted a wedding surrounded by our closest family and friends. With pop color everywhere to outwardly express the love and excitement we have for one another.” Erika envisioned her wedding day to be low-key, fun, and full of time with her man, Nate. A relationship built on a decade of being together. Going through […]

What better way to escape the New York Winters by having a destination wedding in Palm Springs. Picture it: warm Summer heat, pool time, tacos, margaritas, and a piñata on the wedding day, um…yes please!  Brett and Tom are an international traveling couple that decided to have a colorful, loud, and fun wedding. Typically temperatures […]

A surprise proposal is how Taylor and Nick began their engagement. While in Japan on vacation, on Valentine’s day, Nick got down on one knee and just like that, Taylor became engaged. The best part, Nick worked with his future mother-in-law (who is a jeweler) to create a custom ring, a one-of-a-kind that only Taylor […]

Whitney and Nic wanted to have a destination wedding for their guests. Being from Las Vegas they wanted a more oasis, secluded destination. Palm Springs brought them that perfect ‘Old Hollywood’ vibe they were looking for. The couple returned to their engagement spot to tie the knot in an intimate ceremony at the beautiful Avalon […]

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