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Feb 15, 2016

When it comes to asking the question, “how did the two of you meet”. I am always surprised by the stories I get to hear. For most people they think, “oh my story isn’t anything special.” But to me, I am a Nicholas Sparks novel fan and am a HUGE sucker for romance. So it doesn’t matter how lame or boring you think your story is, I want to hear it!

For Cassie and James it was meeting in a Panera Bread store. Cassie had started working there and the first day of training included James showing Cassie the ropes. After Cassie got transferred to another store, James continued the growing friendship with lots of emoji’s and funny texts. Fast forward a year and some months later, James proposed to Cassie at a cousins’ sweet sixteen party where over 200 of Cassie’s family members were present. Needless to say James was nervous! But of course Cassie said YES and the wedding was on from there.

I had asked Cassie and James individually, if they could describe their partner in four words, what would those word be. James described Cassie as kind, driven, patient, and always has a smile on her face. For Cassie, she described James as strong, intelligent, hard-working, and loving. With those descriptive words, Cassie and James have a love that goes beyond just the physical. It continues to grow into a love that is filled with respect, honor, and sending funny emoji text to each other.

Their wedding day took place at the Vellano Country Club in Chino Hills, California. On a small hillside with a tuscan building, and gorgeous rolling hills. The wedding felt like a formal affair with tons of laughter and song choices. James walked down the aisle to “Final Countdown” while Cassie walked down the aisle with “1000 years”. After the formalities were over the dance floor opened and it was a 80’s and 90’s flashback jam session. From Cassie getting all of her sorority sisters together to dance to NSYNC to James and the boys rocking out to Bon Jovi! It was definitely a reception to remember! The heart and souls that were poured out on the dance floor for Cassie and James was like a feeling of so much joy and happiness.

Cassie and James gave me the honor of capturing their love story and wedding day. I felt like part of the family and in more ways than one. From sharing joyous tears with Cassie and her mom to playing air guitar with James and his brother on the dance floor. Getting to know their extended family really showcased that family is everything. At the end of the day, good or bad, your family is the one that can help bring you back to life. And in this case it was bringing the family together to celebrate Cassie and James making a lifelong commitment to one another.

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