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Nov 14, 2016

Being a photographer in Southern California sure has it’s perks! Traveling through half of the state to capture beautiful memories for my dearest couples is an honor, to say the least! When I first met Katie-Joy and Kyle in a small hole-in-the-wall cafe in Old Town Pasadena it was a surprise. The sweetest red-headed Katie-Joy and the most genuine guy Kyle made for an interesting partnership. Going through the formalities of getting to know each other like a job interview quickly turned into laughing and becoming friends. From sharing the mutual respect and passion for sports down to the nitty gritty of both meeting our one-true-love’s on the internet!

Both Katie-Joy and Kyle were skeptical of the whole “online dating world,” but they both knew they had to take a leap of faith and just go for it. After getting matched up on blind dates from co-workers and friends, enough was enough, they had nothing to lose and everything to gain. Besides, who wants to go back to strangers pairing you up? After a couple months of chatting they finally decided to meet. Learning of each others passion for the Chicago Cubs, coffee, and binge watching Netflix while ordering take-out, it became the perfect match.

As time went on, and one thing led to another, four years had past and Kyle was ready to commit to Katie-Joy forever! Kyle was very smart in finding a legitimate excuse during the proposal day to distract Katie-Joy from what was about to take place. Kyle and his brother tagged team El Matador beach to get some footage for his brothers video project. Wink wink!

Walking down the dirt bath to the beach alcove and walking along the rock formations led to just a nice stroll on the beach kind of feel. Katie-Joy being thrilled at the sense of adventure and trying something new, she had no idea what was about to take place. A perfect view of the ocean mid-day, on the beach, toes in the sand, Kyle got down on one knee and asked Katie-Joy to be with him forever. Katie-Joy covered her mouth in excitement, getting a grip on what was happening, while Kyle’s brother captured the whole thing. It was magical! To be able to have your proposal and wedding on video is such a rare combo, but so awesome to have for your children and grand-children.

The energetic and easy-going couple knew they didn’t want a traditional wedding venue. Not a hotel, not a private estate, or local park, but Duke’s Malibu restaurant. You may be thinking, “seriously Ashley, a restaurant, how could this be a viable option for a wedding?” When you love the beach and want a morning/afternoon wedding, it’s perfect. With waves crashing up against the rocks, a beautiful balcony overlooking the Pacific ocean, and your friends and family by your side, it was just what Katie-Joy and Kyle had envisioned. A small, intimate gathering of family and friends to celebrate the commitment the two were about to embark on.

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