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Mar 8, 2017

Happy blog love Wednesday everyone! I am writing today to tell you all of a lovely couple I had the pleasure of working with! Not only were they creative, quirky, and oh so in love, but they were also incredibly unique (As you can tell by their fun photos)! Before I tell you all a little more on their Elopement session, let me give you some background on what makes these two so special!

Their love story defines the term: “meet cute.” If you have not heard of the term meet cute it’s literal definition is: a fictional scene, typically in film or television, in which a future romantic couple meets for the first time in a way that is considered adorable, entertaining, or amusing. This word is especially fitting as they met at an improv class at University of Santa Barbara. Stephanie admits she had a crush on Bob since week four of the class. “It was like high school,” She mentioned. She asked him out for coffee and to his surprise, going out for coffee was actually a date. That coffee date, turned into even more dates, and eventually became countless amounts of happy memories between them both. It has been five years since their life-changing improv class together, and they have now been engaged for two years! They have continued following their dreams as Bob does casting and sketch comedy directing and Stephanie is an actress and designer. They love being creative together and seeing movies at the Beverly Theatre, along with living a life in the happiest of ways.

Immediately after meeting Stephanie and Bob I grew more excitement to capture their elopement session! They stayed at the L’Horizon Hotel in Palm Springs. It was essential that we show their cool and unique personalities through their photos so we got pretty creative with our shoot. First off, we took photos in a place many people may not even know existed! One of Stephanie’s interests is cacti, so we took a trip to the Moorten Botanical Gardens, which is actually the world’s only “cactarium.” The cactarium is right in Palm Springs. How cool! Here we saw a happy bride, and a loving groom who made the shoot as fun as the location was! In the photos, notice Stephanie’s amazing Anthropologie dress paired with a beautiful statement belt. The belt was actually made by her, so to all you DIY brides out there, it is possible! These two exude a fun-loving and creative vibe, and it is amazing how it can brighten a room. We took advantage of the amazing colorful scenery of Palm Springs, because, come on, look how excited these two are to be husband and wife! While getting to know Stephanie and Bob even more, it was easy to tell how much they love their pup! So, we decided to include his cuteness for a few shots as well! Their dog is part of their family and it is adorable to see them together. We traveled along various places in Palm Springs and even the desert.

This Elopement session left me feeling extremely excited to share such a wonderful and adorable story of two lovebirds that decided to tie the knot! It is people like these two that can be a happy reminder that love is truly, all you really need.

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