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Palm Springs Wedding-Ace Hotel-Yvette and Bennett

Jul 23, 2020

“Did she get my gift? She has to see it before our first look, it’s important!” Bennett asked me with urgency. A wrapped gift personalized to Yvette, she sat down, her wedding party and mom peeking out the window. Yvette began to cry. Mom reaching out to give her a tissue and the smile that came over Yvette’s face. That smile of, “he remembered”. A hand-written note, framed just the way she was talking to Bennett about doing their home with. All the things Bennet meant to say during his proposal that just didn’t come out due to emotions getting the better of him. A promise he kept to Yvette that on the wedding day, she would know exactly how he felt about her. Most of the time we think this is the vow part of the ceremony, but Bennett made it a priority that she new before that time would come. Showcasing the gift off to all of her best gal pals. Everyone beginning to hug Yvette and cry alongside her. Whether Yvette realized it in that moment or not, she had everything she needed to have the best wedding day. Support from her family and friends, the love that everyone would share in the decision that both her and Bennett have made. 

The gasp and emotional cries that took over Yvette and Bennett during their first look.

The long hugs, kisses, and “look at you!” statements to one another. Casually taking our time throughout the Ace Hotel property to capture all of those romantic portraits. The movement of her Hailey Paige gown paired with a lily of the valley bouquet by David Rohr Studio. The wedding party standing by with drinks in hand, make-up touch-up kit, and tissues. Having so much support and help allowed Yvette and Bennett to focus on each other. Focusing on the feeling of the day. The two of them, dressed up, having fun, and ready to celebrate their love in front of family and friends. Laughing, crying, drinking, and hanging out with your favorite people having the best day ever. Making sure to put their own twist on their big day, a black-tie affair with swag bags and Cherie Riley to put it all together for the win! 

The ceremony consisted of bringing two cultures and religions together simultaneously. Yvette and Bennett wanted to make sure that their family knew the importance of honoring their family and ancestors. A dual religious ceremony with Catholic and Jewish traditions.

It was so inspiring to see that two people of different backgrounds can come together and celebrate both traditions in such a loving and respectful way.

It doesn’t have to be one or the other, ensuing countless arguments and family drama. You can do both and make everyone happy. Win-win! 

As the evening progressed on, the sunset glow fading behind the Palm Springs mountains and the flow of cocktails and appetizers. The deepening of family connection and relationships building. College friends catching up and reliving their sorority and frat days with shots at the bar. To the heartfelt twin cousin speeches that were more like a sister to Yvette. The parent toasts of letting go of your child but gaining a son or daughter-in-law. The undeniable feeling in the air throughout the whole day was acceptance and love. Everyone coming together for a common goal of supporting Yvette and Bennett into their marriage journey. 

Yvette and Bennett, thank you for allowing me into your world. It is so filled with all the right kind of emotions. Laughing so hard your belly hurts, crying because you are happy, and being surrounded by good company, and good food! The conscious ability you have to make everyone feel included and welcomed is something I personally strive for everyday. Yvette, you make everyone around you feel like they are at home. Bennett, you make everyone feel like they are the life of the party. I cannot wait to see what the two of you do in the world together. One things for sure, we need more couples like you! 

Venue: Ace Hotel
Planner: Cherie Riley Weddings
Paper Goods: Incredible Labs Inc.
Florals: David Rohr Studio
DJ: Dart Collective
Dress Designer: Hayley Paige
Tuxedo: Black Tux

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