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Palm Springs Wedding – Laura + Don

Apr 18, 2017

February 10, 2017. It is a time that speaks romance with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, and couples worldwide express their love to one another remember their dedication and commitment to their partner. Why did I mention February 10th, do you ask? It was a day that I felt the love, specifically from a couple I am excited to share about: Laura and Don. These two love each other in a way that is so simple. The portraits taken in this shoot were in the breath-taking spot of La Quinta Country Club, often featuring the huge mountain-scape behind them. Absolutely beautiful!

Their vision for a wedding was to be intimate with their closest friends and family. Their wedding was planned to be not only the coming together of their own marriage, but also the coming together of two loving families. This is exactly what the perfect day was for everyone there. During preparation for the wedding, Laura and Don were really hoping that Laura’s mother would be able to attend the wedding, considering the medical condition that she was in at the time of their engagement. Laura’s mom was able to attend the wedding, and was extremely excited to be there. These two are very positive, and light hearted people who obviously love each other and the ones close to them. The reception was filled with lots of laughter and kind hearted people. Everyone was incredibly sweet and supportive for the two lovebirds!

Laura is very fun and energetic to work with. I would definitely describe her as a bubbly spirit with an infectious smile! She was a truly elegant bride whose main agenda was to spend the day with the people she loves most in this world! She wasn’t worried about any of the little wedding details (and she looked BEAUTIFUL), and if people were arriving on time, etc. Her new husband, Don, is absolutely hilarious and kept the fun energetic vibe of the entire night. The happy groom told a joke and it kept the entire wedding party and attendees laughing the entire evening. Don kept the dance floor going with his particular interest in classic 80s rock songs! Totally awesome.

A moment that I will not forget, was the truly heartfelt speech that Don’s daughter gave to her dad and new step-mother. It was heartfelt, emotional, and perfect. I definitely shed a tear during that one! Laura is such a fun person to work with and gives off a confidence and love for life that I found really amazing to be around! In her new step daughter’s speech, she told the story of her time after college, and feeling that she did not know where to take her life (A feeling that many people find themselves having after a big transition such as finishing college). What made everyone’s heart feel wonderful was when she mentioned that Laura opened her with welcoming arms and helped her build a life to be proud of.

This day was filled with love and happiness and reminded me how precious it is to have your family experience this big moment for two people getting married. I am excited for your journey ahead, Laura and Don, and see a lifetime of laughs and love in your future!

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