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Palm Springs Wedding – Saguaro Hotel – Brett and Tom

May 8, 2019

What better way to escape the New York Winters by having a destination wedding in Palm Springs. Picture it: warm Summer heat, pool time, tacos, margaritas, and a piñata on the wedding day, um…yes please!  Brett and Tom are an international traveling couple that decided to have a colorful, loud, and fun wedding.

Typically temperatures can soar as high as 110 degrees Fahrenheit in the desert cities. Well that doesn’t sound like a good time now does is? Luckily the weather cooperated for Brett and Tom and it was not only under triple digits, it rained (downpour kind of rain) the moment after they said “I do”. How lucky can they be, I mean seriously! If that isn’t a sign of good luck from mother nature and the spirit world, then I don’t know what is. 

To compliment their engaging personalities, the Saguaro became the perfect venue and backdrop for their wedding day. A weekend getaway filled with pool time, bar hopping, and a wedding day perfectly planned by Michelle Garibay Events. No detail was sparred and of course no weekend in SoCal would be complete without El Jefe tacos and margaritas. Brett and Tom both agreed, “Yes guacamole was extra and yes it was worth the splurge”! 

Brett started out as a bride wanting to have the perfect detailed wedding, when what emerged on the wedding day was a bride filled with love and content. Getting married to her best friend, becoming part of an extended family that adored her. That pretty much included her as part of the family from way back when the dating began. To now a husband that encourages her to be a girl boss in her work place (sports marketing is mostly male dominated) to picking a place on the world map to travel together. Because what could be more romantic than whisking away to some far off destination together (can I fit in their carry-on please)! 

In typical male fashion (no offense guys, but a little jab) it takes precisely 10 minutes to get ready. Throw on your suit or tux, fix your tie, and join the groomsmen for a whiskey shot. What surprised me the most was the emotion that Tom was not afraid to show. He was anxious at the thought of crying the moment he saw Brett during their First Look. Sure enough, not a full on cry, but tears in the eyes happened. Tom not only showed up on the wedding day but he was damn well present. Can I get an amen on this? 

This not only changed the outcome of having more candid photos throughout the day, but it gave Brett the millionth reason why she chose Tom. A thoughtful, emotional, caring, and fun man that knew no matter where he was it wasn’t home unless Brett was by his side. 

Wedding Tip #101
Yes a wedding day is technically suppose to be a formal affair according to common belief. However it doesn’t mean it has to be formal. It can include a pool party welcome reception the day before the wedding. You can include signature cocktails and food that you love to indulge in as a couple. Select things that you both love and it will help make your wedding day more personal and fun for your guests.

Venue: Saguaro Hotel
Coordinator: Michelle Garibay Events
Florals: Artisan Events
DJ: Vox DJ’s

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