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Jun 19, 2020

When it comes to styling your wedding day we often think of it in terms of a theme, a color palette, or Pinterest board. We are completely forgetting the styling aspect that plays into creating a wedding day that is both aesthetically pleasing but also showcases the couples personality simultaneously. Thus creating a space that is unique to your love story and wedding day. Today we are interviewing Federico Montero who is the owner and lead designer of The Desert Butler. He is going to share some industry secrets on how to be true to yourself while throwing an event that is publication worthy!

How did all start for you?
Growing up my family always loved to entertain. Planning parties, food and music were always a part of my upbringing. I remember my first “production” was a dinner I put together for my parents and my siblings. I looked after every detail, food, place settings, table-scape (back then was just “the stuff in the center of the table”). A few years later I planned my dad’s 50th birthday. It was a pretty big event for a teenager with no experience, but everyone thought the dry ice in the pool was the best! But I never pursued event planning or styling as a career. Fast forward 15 years, while living part time in Palm Springs and part time in Seattle life threw a curve ball at me and my husband. We saw it as an opportunity for change so once again I tapped into my passion for entertaining and The Desert Butler was born. It’s been 5 years strong and I’m loving every minute of it!

What is your vision for your business in the future?
I see The Desert Butler branching into a small-scaled event specialist alongside the “regular” event production services. That is how it started, events were small and typically held at private homes and then grew to a bigger arena. But I think it’s very relevant, especially nowadays, to go back into the fabulous small-scale experiences!

How do you go about attracting your ideal clients? 
I am super lucky that so far, every client I’ve had has been a dream client. I like to think I attract my clients versus me looking for them. Word of mouth and Instagram is huge for me. My services and events are both upscale and laid back. And my clients love the balance of putting something together that is beautiful yet accessible and relatable. 

What advice would you give a couple searching for your type of service? 
Try to think of this company or person as if you were interviewing for a friend. You want to feel comfortable enough to push back but also trust them to give them the liberty to be creative. With big celebrations it is hard to give up control, but I guarantee you if you give a creative professional the freedom to express themselves, you are going to receive back a LOT more than if you control every part of the process. 

What is your relation to the LGBTQ+ community? Any advice for LGBTQ+ couples?
As a gay man and married (sorry ladies!), I love to see our community being included more and more in the events industry, both as a vendor and a client. I’m always thrilled to get LGBTQ+ clients!   
Make sure you are reflected in your event. Let the professionals set parameters but make sure you, your personalities, your vision, does not get lost. There is already a uniqueness to who we are, and our life’s story has forged paths that are specific to everyone of us. Make sure your event fits in that path. And this applies to everyone! I received the biggest lesson from a straight 70-y/o woman who decided to throw the biggest party for herself. She realized she would not be getting married, or have children in her lifetime so she decided to celebrate herself and what she had accomplished in life. It’s to this day one of my favorite parties to have produced!  

What is your favorite restaurant in the Palm Springs area? 
Oh man, this is a hard one! I guess it depends on what I’m after… for a casual quick meal: La Bonita’s Mexican restaurant. For a dining experience: Miro’s Restaurant. But there are so many gems here in Palm Springs.   

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