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Choosing a Makeup Artist for your Wedding Day

Jun 15, 2020

The more weddings I photograph the more I get to know all the other vendors that help make a wedding day possible. With over 200+ weddings photographed, I can honestly say I know that working and getting along with other vendors is so important. Today I have the chance to interview Jen with Jen Plus Colour. A long standing hair and make-up artist in Palm Springs, California. Did I mention she has her own studio, team members, and is willing to travel to you?

How did all start for you?
I’ve been a licensed cosmetologist since high school! Crazy, huh?! I started my career because I loved the creativity aspect of it!

What is your vision for your business in the future?
I would love to see a diverse group of professionals working under me while creating an inclusive space that’s judgment free and welcoming.

How do you go about attracting your ideal clients? 
I’m a firm believer that you attract what you are and you then can pick and choose the clientele for you. If I am working for myself, might as well love the folx that I get to interact with. So, I put out kindness, openness and easy going vibes and expect to attract that in return. It has worked for me thus far!

What advice would you give a couple searching for your type of service? 
Hair and makeup is not a one size fits all skill. So, don’t base your decision on finding the “cheapest”, you’ll most likely be disappointed on your wedding day. There are artists/stylists that specialize in certain styles and looks. So, look over the portfolio of the professional you’re interested in; is what you want to have done represented in their work? If not, they may not be the person for you! Also, if you see any red flags…run! You don’t want to risk anything on the big day. I could go on and on! But, lastly, sign a contract! Read it over thoroughly. You got this!

What is your relation to the LGBTQ+ community? Any advice for LGBTQ+ couples?
I am queer and proud! I identify as bi/pan and have an incredible girlfriend of almost 4 years!
Listen close: you don’t have to settle for a vendor that doesn’t create space for you! Period! If they haven’t thought to alter their website, portfolio or contracts to include us…move on! The last thing you want is for for a vendor to assume heteronormative characteristics on your relationship or assume how you both present yourself.

What is your favorite restaurant in the Palm Springs area? 
ohhhh! I love this question!! I love Native foods (bomb vegan) and 533 Viet Fusion (they’re in the same parking lot!). Order the “Ramen” Red Curry Coconut Broth and Thai Basil Lemon Drop.

Photo credit: Ruth Marie Photography

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