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Las Vegas Elopement-A Little White Chapel-Blaire and Ed

Nov 3, 2020

“Can everyone see us?” Blaire asked as she began the Facebook Live streaming on her phone. Ed clipping the phone onto a tripod stand (as to be hands free of course). An Elvis officiant in the background warming up his voice. A sparkle in her eyes, the smile of reassurance from him, both hands shaking as they hold hands. Ed was seated in the 1955 Cadillac Fleetwood in pastel pink. Elvis walking Blaire down the aisle (in the tunnel of dreams). Ed helps Blaire into the back seat of the classic car. “I’m so excited and nervous,” Blaire said to Ed. “I know me too” reaffirmed Ed. 

“Dearly beloved” the Elvis impersonator started the ceremony off with an obvious choice for words. It was everything a Las Vegas elopement would be. At A Little White Chapel, getting married by Elvis, in a classic car, with a vintage dress. It was not the wedding Blaire and Ed had originally planned for. With the COVID-19 pandemic engulfing our everyday life, other plans had to be made if they were going to get married on their original wedding date. Blaire and Ed love to travel and visit state and national parks. So a road trip was planned from Texas to Nevada. Stopping at all the state and national parks along the way. Blaire and Ed were able to combine all of their favorite things on top of still getting married on their original date. This is a silver lining I could see more of; not to mention get use to! 

After the quick elopement ceremony was over (10 minutes to be exact), Blaire and Ed began to dance to the, “Can’t Help Falling in Love” song. Blaire looking up at Ed with such excitement. Ed holding on to Blaire just a little bit tighter. Blaire’s parents clapping in the background. The Facebook Live guests cheering and shouting with excitement. Technology actually bringing people closer together, oh my! Tears rolling down my cheek as I think to myself, “I know it’s not the wedding they had originally planned, but damn it’s beautiful.” With extra time to spare we headed over to Fremont Street to capture some iconic neon signage and a stop at the art motel. 

To all the couples out there stressed and upset over this pandemic. I can one hundred percent say (without a doubt) all of us wedding vendors feel and struggle with you. We want to celebrate with you and it may not be the way you originally planned. But take it from Blaire and Ed, they did it in a fun and memorable way. They are still going to have their big wedding just at a future date. When we can all hug and dance the night away. 

Blaire and Ed, thank you for being an inspiration to not only me but to everyone else out there struggling with their wedding plans in 2020. You provided a silver lining that is worth celebrating and taking ideas from. You helped inspire some of my couples to do the same. So know that your plans inspired others. To plan a trip that isn’t just something you talk about doing one day, but actually doing it! And getting married along the way. So fucking cool! Cheers to the both of you and the amazing story you will have to tell future generations. I can’t wait for you to have that big wedding day. When that day comes, you know I’ll be watching on Facebook Live and having a cocktail.  

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