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Palm Springs Engagement -Shanelle and Kareem

Nov 17, 2020

Anxiously checking the weather update every twenty minutes on my phone. Hoping every time I checked the conditions would be better. Shanelle and Kareem wanted a glamorous desert sand dunes engagement. But with thirty mile per hour winds, that sand begins to feel more like a dermabrasion treatment rather than dancing with sand between your toes at sunset. Shanelle and I texting back and forth like sorority sisters waiting for our final exam results. 
We made the collective decision to go to plan B which was meeting in Palm Springs for some city street fun and classic car, champagne popping in the desert. Not bad for a plan B if you ask me! 

Everything that day felt like a plan B to Shanelle. Her hair didn’t come out the way she wanted, the couture dress she ordered online didn’t fit, and leaving her engagement ring in the hotel room after rushing to get ready. “When was it going to feel right?” With the sun setting behind them, walking the streets of Palm Springs and holding hands, that’s when it felt right. When you are hand-in-hand with your life partner, everything feels right. “Cuddle up close together, close your eyes, and take a deep breathe,” I told them. “Now go in for a kiss and Kareem, get handsy!” From that moment on, the remainder of our time together was nothing short of fun.

“A car will be waiting for us,” she said. Not just any car, a 1966 convertible Cadillac DeVille. Kareem bringing out the champagne and Shanelle pulling out her custom bouquet. It felt like a silver screen classic moment. Dressed up, popping champagne, and laughing that it all worked out in the end. The wind started to pick up, Shanelle and I looked at each other like, “oh no, the wind”! By the end of our time together the thirty mile per hour winds greeted us. As if mother nature reminded us that plans may not always work out the way we want them to. It’s what we do with that time to make the best of it anyway. It’s safe to say that it did work out and the photos still turned out amazing. Shanelle and Kareem had the tenacity to not give up, that no matter what we were going to make this engagement session work. And we did! 

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