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Palm Springs Wedding-Ace Hotel-Evan and JP

Jun 9, 2020

A gasp. Evan’s hands folding over his mouth. Tears beginning to roll down his face. A glance over at JP, “You remembered” Evan spoke in an endearing tone. JP’s hand running down Evan’s back, “Of course I remembered, they are family” JP replied. Photos of all the closest and dearest family members that have passed that helped shape Evan into the man he is today. Evan Squatting down with his hands over his face where the photographs were displayed. I don’t know whether it was the act of JP’s heartfelt attempt at making sure everyone was present on their wedding day. Or the fact that JP knew how important the photos of these people were to Evan. Of all the times Evan jokes about JP not listening to him. JP showed Evan on their wedding day that he always listens. 

“I knew it was going to be an emotional day for me and JP. I’m crying like a hot mess right now, but this is the best day ever” Evan stated. Gathered around his wedding party, sitting in the dimly lit booth in The Amigo Room. Sipping on mock-tails because it was not only hot outside but he had to replenish those fluids after all the crying he just did. And the ceremony hasn’t even happened yet! 

The sounds of a guitar duo playing in the background. Welcomed by an Ace Hotel server with a cold refreshing cocktail as guests began finding their seats. The warm desert sun heating our backs, just enough to think, “that feels good”. JP’s suit beginning to make him sweat, not because it was hot out, but because of the anxious anticipation of declaring his love out loud, to family and friends. The vows begin to be exchanged, putting down my camera for just a moment to wipe my eyes. I was crying and so was everybody else in attendance. The room filled with an aura and feeling of true love and acceptance that no one could deny. Everyone looking over at one another and nodding our heads in agreement. That enlightenment feeling of over one hundred people simultaneously feeling the same emotion, was almost indescribable. After the official first kiss, everyone stood up, applauding and hugging each other. It truly was the saying, “two families becoming one”. 

Loud belly laughing filling the air of stories when Evan and JP were younger. The fashionistas in the corner taking selfies by the pool. The overjoyed smiles of Evan and JP as they go around hugging everyone in attendance. I definitely enjoyed my group hug! As guests were ushered into the colorful dining space. Colored banners hanging from the ceiling, delicate arrangements by Vaso Bello, and tall candles labeled #evanfoundthejuan. JP sitting in a chair in the middle of the dance floor. Looking around to try and figure out what was happening. Evan emerging with a microphone in hand, began serenading JP with a love song. Both Evan and JP were able to surprise one another on the wedding day. What they didn’t expect was for their planner Andrew with Fête and Finesse to organize a surprise visit towards the end of the night. By none other than their favorite artist Ethylina Canne. The night finished with everyone dancing, hugging, and crying with everyone in agreement that it was an amazing day. With the only wish that we could do it all over again the following day. 

Venue: Ace Hotel
Planner: Fête & Finesse
Florals: Vaso Bello Celebrations
Video: West Coast Weddings
Paper Goods: Minted Wedding
Performer: Ehylina Canne

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