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Seattle Engagement Session – Ally + Christian

Aug 16, 2016

We have all had that one friend that married their high-school sweetheart. Am I right?
Ally and Christian are no exception to this idea. For Ally it was Christian being brave enough to write a song and sing it to Ally to ask her out on their first date. I mean seriously, that is not only creative, but takes a lot of courage in a high-school environment to pull that off!

After the casual first date and getting to know each other through friends, football games, and their extracurricular actives (i.e. Star Wars, Harry Potter, and video games)! It quickly became a romance that stood the test of time and in just a matter of weeks Ally and Christian are going to say their “I-do’s” at the beautiful Aliso Viejo Country Club.

When Ally and Christian decided to book me as their wedding photographer, I was excited for the fact that I knew it was going to be an adventure. An adventure that would lead me to Seattle Washington for their engagement session. Being ready for the long fourteen hour day ahead of me to travel from Palm Springs and back in one day, I was surprised to find how much I love Washington. What a beautiful state, granted I was there when it was blue skies and sunny out; not witnessing the long rainy season. From zipping by the Space Needle to hiking up rivers and lakes. I quickly discovered that an “easy hiking trail” to Seattle standards is considered moderate or advanced to the rest of the world. When we arrived at Rattlesnake Lake, the views were amazing, the water was so clear, and a perfectly oversized tree-stump for Ally and Christian to stand on. I don’t think I walked so much in one day in my life as I did on this day.

Ally then surprised me by taking me to the University of Washington for additional photos. I thought to myself, “a college campus for engagement photos, interesting.” I was blown away at their old facade brick buildings, gorgeous cathedral library, and getting lost in a hedge maze with an opera singer laying in the grass belting out her pipes. Although Christian was a little hesitate to break out the light saber, it made for some really fun photos in the campus library.

No engagement session excursion would be complete without sharing a meal together. Driving through downtown and closer to the airport we were all trying to decide what to have for an early dinner. All at once we shouted out The Cheesecake Factory. From their amazing chicken piccata to their delicious cheesecakes it was the perfect ending to our day. Sitting outside on their street side patio, watching the foot traffic and enjoying the nice summer sun. I couldn’t have asked for a more enjoyable day. Even though it was a long one, it was well worth the travel and hiking.

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