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Recently, I had the pleasure of capturing Evelyn and Ralph’s baby-moon in one of the most beautiful destinations. We had the opportunity to visit the one and only, Korakia Pensione Hotel. This was their last big milestone before they are due to have their baby, Olivia. Let me tell you all, I was very excited […]

In this day in age it is hard to be seen as the “cool mom”. With teenagers so focused on their appearance and social media posts, it’s no wonder we feel lost being the older generation. As new social media platforms arise what seems like every month, there has become a growing trend on posting in […]

Hiring a photographer from out of town can be an uneasy feeling. Questions immediately race  into your mind like, will they show up, are they in fact a real human being, how do I know they will be on time and ready for what I envision? For Brianna and Travis it was having the trust […]

Being a photographer in Southern California sure has it’s perks! Traveling through half of the state to capture beautiful memories for my dearest couples is an honor, to say the least! When I first met Katie-Joy and Kyle in a small hole-in-the-wall cafe in Old Town Pasadena it was a surprise. The sweetest red-headed Katie-Joy […]

What do you get with Tequila, flamingo decor, and a Palm Springs Airbnb rental? A destination bachelorette party! When Whitney reached out to me she wanted to do something special for Taylor (the bride-to-be)! She wanted to make sure that we could capture the memories of having all the girls in one place, looking amazing, […]

An Edelman Public Relations internship transplanted Jeff Mindell to Los Angeles from the East Coast. Not sure of what the future would hold or if he would end up getting a full-time job out of the internship. With his imaginative and creative wife by his side, he knew everything was going to be okay, somehow. […]

When we think of Joshua Tree, most of us imagine an erie desert filled with Cacti, Joshua Tree’s, and boulder rock formations. For Cheryl and Jimbo it is their home. Where they work, hangout with friends, and collaborate with their local community to create a city filled with music, the arts, and mom and pop […]

We have all had that one friend that married their high-school sweetheart. Am I right? Ally and Christian are no exception to this idea. For Ally it was Christian being brave enough to write a song and sing it to Ally to ask her out on their first date. I mean seriously, that is not […]

What happens when three girlfriends from around the globe make it a tradition to travel together once a year? A Palm Springs vacation that leads to jamming out at Coachella Fest! For Harriet it was important that no matter how far away she is from her best friends, she would make it a pack to […]

When Jessica Camerata owner of My Style Vita reached out to me, I was thrilled! By thrilled I mean jumping up and down in my office wearing pajamas while screaming. The opportunity to work with Atlanta’s top fashion blogger here in Palm Springs I knew was going to be a lot of fun. Jessica wanted […]

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