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Jillian and Matt are originally from Phoenix, Arizona but had the chance to come out to Palm Springs for a weekend getaway. Something that they enjoy doing together, while having their engagement photo session with me! How fun is that? Jillian actually met Matt at a James Blake Concert through a mutual friend from law […]

I am very excited to share my time with the wonderful and beautiful: Kristin. She wanted to get lifestyle portraits done for her website and blog! Currently, Kristin serves as the editor of DESERT Magazine, which is a local magazine for Palm Springs. It incorporates fashion and what is going on in the valley, very […]

February 10, 2017. It is a time that speaks romance with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, and couples worldwide express their love to one another remember their dedication and commitment to their partner. Why did I mention February 10th, do you ask? It was a day that I felt the love, specifically from a […]

Today’s blog is one I am thrilled to share! The time spent with this particular couple was amazing (and all in thirty minutes may I add!). Brent and Derek are two awesome men who are doing fantastic things with their lives! This would explain why we got our shoot done in such a short amount […]

When shooting an engagement session, it is important that I capture a couple’s love. Feeling a connection with the couple that I am shooting for. It is amazing how many unique and inspiring, loving couples I can form bonds with in the short amount of time. One of my most favorite things to see on […]

Happy blog love Wednesday everyone! I am writing today to tell you all of a lovely couple I had the pleasure of working with! Not only were they creative, quirky, and oh so in love, but they were also incredibly unique (As you can tell by their fun photos)! Before I tell you all a […]

Recently, I had the opportunity to work with Hillary, a woman that embodies the term “girl boss”. Not only does she spend her days owning and operating boutique hotels in Montana, but she is also an awesome fashion blogger as well! Did I mention she is doing it all while being pregnant with her baby […]

Recently, I had the pleasure of capturing Evelyn and Ralph’s baby-moon in one of the most beautiful destinations. We had the opportunity to visit the one and only, Korakia Pensione Hotel. This was their last big milestone before they are due to have their baby, Olivia. Let me tell you all, I was very excited […]

In this day in age it is hard to be seen as the “cool mom”. With teenagers so focused on their appearance and social media posts, it’s no wonder we feel lost being the older generation. As new social media platforms arise what seems like every month, there has become a growing trend on posting in […]

Hiring a photographer from out of town can be an uneasy feeling. Questions immediately race  into your mind like, will they show up, are they in fact a real human being, how do I know they will be on time and ready for what I envision? For Brianna and Travis it was having the trust […]

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