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The more weddings I photograph the more I get to know all the other vendors that help make a wedding day possible. With over 200+ weddings photographed, I can honestly say I know that working and getting along with other vendors is so important. Today I have the chance to interview Jen with Jen Plus […]

A gasp. Evan’s hands folding over his mouth. Tears beginning to roll down his face. A glance over at JP, “You remembered” Evan spoke in an endearing tone. JP’s hand running down Evan’s back, “Of course I remembered, they are family” JP replied. Photos of all the closest and dearest family members that have passed […]

Strong winds, hair flying in every direction, the dress moving like Marilyn Monroe over the subway vent. “I don’t think this dress is going to work,” mentioned Natalie. Dan and I both looked at each other, then back at Natalie, “you look beautiful,” Dan stated. The rosy cheeks and smile that Natalie gave while looking […]

Standing in the shade under a Palo Verde tree. Eyes closed, deep breaths, and Jeremy tapping his foot in anticipation of Ashley walking up behind him. “This is it babe, we finally made it to our wedding day” Ashley says. As Jeremy turned around to see his beautiful bride he was greeted with a big […]

Before you think, “Ashley, you’re a photographer—of course you’re going to think photography is worth the splurge,” hear me out. This isn’t about convincing you to spend more than you can. Not everyone wants to invest in a professional photographer, but not everyone gets why it’s valuable to invest in a pro. If at the […]

“I wanted a wedding surrounded by our closest family and friends. With pop color everywhere to outwardly express the love and excitement we have for one another.” Erika envisioned her wedding day to be low-key, fun, and full of time with her man, Nate. A relationship built on a decade of being together. Going through […]

For most out-of-town couples the idea of doing an engagement session can be challenging. Some schedule it during their trip out while they are meeting with other vendors, some do it the week of their wedding when they are in town, and some do it after the wedding day. For Evan and JP they decided […]

Jordan decided to have her bachelorette weekend in Palm Springs, with their accommodations  at the beautiful El Cid property. The warm Spring season brought sun, relaxation, and the perfect balance of nightlife, without all the metropolitan hassles. You know, that LA traffic, paid parking, and over-priced everything!  The weekend started off lounging by the pool […]

Brett and Brian planned their wedding day alongside Michelle Garibay Events at the Avalon hotel in Palm Springs, California. When I asked how the two of them met, looking over at one another, smiling and chuckling. “We met dancing in front of the speaker during one of our favorite DJ sets.” Who knew that being […]

What better way to escape the New York Winters by having a destination wedding in Palm Springs. Picture it: warm Summer heat, pool time, tacos, margaritas, and a piñata on the wedding day, um…yes please!  Brett and Tom are an international traveling couple that decided to have a colorful, loud, and fun wedding. Typically temperatures […]

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