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Huntington Bay Wedding – Nikki and Will

Jun 16, 2021

Will’s sarcastic big eyed stare with a smirk on his face as he looked at Nikki. Looking down and laughing at the silly ways Will makes Nikki happy. Nikki looks back up at Will and says, “I love you”. Those three words that surpassed ten plus years of being together.

The wedding was planned for a beautiful Spring weekend getaway in Palm Springs. The COVID-19 pandemic (thanks a lot!) let all wedding ideas, thoughts, and plans out the window. Instead, Ruffle Effect helped plan an early Summer wedding by the beach at the Huntington Bay Club. The sun shinning, Palm Tree’s swaying, and the ocean breeze that comes across your face. Paired with the couple’s signature cocktail and appetizers to appease anyone’s happy place. 

“Through the ups and downs, you were always there for me. At times, my patience was tried and reminded me that laughter is always the best medicine” Nikki proclaimed to Will. 

“I may not always get everything right and according to your to-do list, but I know that trying my best can be enough. Encouraging you to go after your dreams and what makes you happy. I am lucky I get to be the one by your side” Will stated. 

With these types of words during a wedding day and ceremony, how can you not fall in love with these two. A strong reminder that you don’t have to be perfect, but just by showing up and trying is all it takes sometimes. 

As the bistro lights were turned on, champagne poured, and everyone being ushered to find their seats. The murmur of polite conversations, background music playing, then the turning of heads like a row of meerkats, the announcement of the bride and groom. The movement of Will’s hand down Nikki’s back, Nikki gripping Will as if it was their last embrace. Their first dance made everyone not just see their love but feel it. The light ocean breeze, bistro lighting above them and a sunset to remember. A love tested over the course of a decade that made not only the heart grow fonder but encouraging each other to get through the hardships of adulthood. Together. 

Don’t wait for the hard parts to end in life to be happy. Find the good, create the joy you want to feel. We all go through motions in life waiting for something to end before we can feel like it’s okay to move on and be happy. Don’t wait. Life is hard, but it doesn’t always have to be. Surround yourself with friends and family and people you choose to be your family. Celebrate the good times, and seek comfort during the bad times. 

Will and Nikki: From the forever long ago engagement session in Palm Springs to finally celebrating with you on your wedding day. Your relationship showed me that time heals all things. Not all of us are lucky enough to have found “the one”, but seeing the two of you together gives me hope. Witnessing your love story is like watching a romantic comedy because love and laughter is all you need. 

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