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ashley laprade

Palm Springs photography


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I know, I know. Photographers are ruling the planet these days. There are so many of us, and it’s hard to know who to choose. And while I think your photographer’s portfolio should make your heart sing, that isn’t the only consideration. Personality and process are essential (and you can learn more about mine here). […]

“Don’t be nervous” Kelsey said to Tom as we began their Mid Century Modern engagement session in Palm Springs. Reaching for his hand, he looked into Kelsey’s eyes and began to laugh, “I’ll try not to look awkward” Tom replied. Kelsey wanted to capture the vintage essence of Palm Springs as she had a beautiful sparkly […]

Will’s sarcastic big eyed stare with a smirk on his face as he looked at Nikki. Looking down and laughing at the silly ways Will makes Nikki happy. Nikki looks back up at Will and says, “I love you”. Those three words that surpassed ten plus years of being together. The wedding was planned for […]

Anxiously checking the weather update every twenty minutes on my phone. Hoping every time I checked the conditions would be better. Shanelle and Kareem wanted a glamorous desert sand dunes engagement. But with thirty mile per hour winds, that sand begins to feel more like a dermabrasion treatment rather than dancing with sand between your […]

“Can everyone see us?” Blaire asked as she began the Facebook Live streaming on her phone. Ed clipping the phone onto a tripod stand (as to be hands free of course). An Elvis officiant in the background warming up his voice. A sparkle in her eyes, the smile of reassurance from him, both hands shaking as […]

Planning a wedding today is much different than how weddings were planned even a decade ago. Pinterest and Instagram have given rise to seasonal trends and over-the-top wedding designs. As you plan your wedding day it’s all about creating a tribe of vendors that will bring the feeling of your wedding day to life. Not […]

Okay, okay, I know it’s not that simple. You want an explanation, and I’ve got four for you in this post—because, full disclosure, I’m a big fan of the first look. And, no, not just as a photographer but as a bride, too. If you’re asking yourself, “What the heck is a first look?”, I […]

“Did she get my gift? She has to see it before our first look, it’s important!” Bennett asked me with urgency. A wrapped gift personalized to Yvette, she sat down, her wedding party and mom peeking out the window. Yvette began to cry. Mom reaching out to give her a tissue and the smile that […]

Already planning on attending Irene’s graduation in Guatemala. Lafayette arrived a day early to have dinner with her parents. “A friend taught me how to ask Irene’s dad in Spanish for his blessing to marry his daughter.” When going out to dinner with the parents, complete silence at the dinner table; the entire restaurant loud […]

When it comes to styling your wedding day we often think of it in terms of a theme, a color palette, or Pinterest board. We are completely forgetting the styling aspect that plays into creating a wedding day that is both aesthetically pleasing but also showcases the couples personality simultaneously. Thus creating a space that […]

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